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Creative Stories Communications is a strategic communications consultancy based in Singapore serving the APAC region in b2b communications, brand & business strategy, in the most influential business media outlets across Asia -Pacific from Myanmar to Australia 

We have a penchant for creating  intelligent brand stories that underpin the business case of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We support responsible businesses by crafting a fresh narrative that showcases their industry efforts towards the 2020 Agenda which in return also strengthens the value and reputation of your brand.

Our thinking is hyper-creative, our brains, hyper-strategic and our pitch hyper-obsessive.

Our guiding north star at all times – is your brand – always.

We believe that it is your brand that is our real client, not your marketing team, not your CEO.

We are consultants and not a PR agency. We function as an extended part of your in-house communications team at all times.


Desiree Mohindra, Founder & Director, Creative Stories Pte Ltd

Based in Singapore



After heading corporate communications & media relations for South East Asia & India for over 9 years at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, as well as their CSR/SDG sustainability initiatives communications globally, Desiree in now based in Singapore for over 2 years. She has recently set up a strategic communications consultancy that serves the APAC region . A results-driven professional with a strong creative eye, she brings a solid cross-industry experience from a multi-stakeholder environment to the APAC region, especially for organisations that operate within a global framework.

Her clients are mainly in the B2B sector, thought leadership and business sustainability areas from Switzerland to Singapore.

In a nutshell:

Senior business editorial relationships in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East & USA

Managed the World Economic Forum’s media strategy for public/private initiatives & CSR Sustainability Communications globally

Fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish & Hindi

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireewef/


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