IMD Business School



IMD Business School is ranked No.1 by Financial Times for the last 9 years. An international top ranked business school by Forbes, expert in developing leaders, transforming organizations for CEO’s in Switzerland and Singapore


Thought leadership

Executive communication on global business centric themes such as (1) Country Competitiveness (2) Digital readiness (3) Talent rankings




China Global Television Network (CGTN) – Global Business Europe

2021 Media Coverage for Competitiveness / Digital Readiness Rankings

PDF for 2021 World Competitiveness Report Media Coverage available here:

Thought leadership of IMD faculty members in APAC’s biggest newspapers

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, again”

“Startups should ‘move fast and break things,’ but not recklessly” – 

“The Trump’s administration mad rhetoric on trade” – 

“How start-ups can protect consumer data”

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