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Executive positioning across Asia-Pacific’s most influential media

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“Hong Kong’s ‘political instability’ may affect its global competitiveness ranking”

Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 12.03.02 PM

“Singapore ranks 1st in World’s Most Competitive Economy – IMD”

“China’s regulation ‘looks quite different’ for EV sector compared to Didi, Expert says”

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“Circulate Capital invests in startups and SMEs to reduce Asia’s ocean waste”

“’In China, Nothing is too big to fail,’ says IMD LEGO’s Yu”

“India and the World Competitiveness Ranking”

“Facebook Data Scandal”

“Pandemic’s & the Design of Future Cities – A Leadership Livestream”

“IMD Chief Economist shares how Singapore can sustain its global competitive advantage”

“World Digital Competitiveness Ranking: US tops list, Singapore remains in second place”

Opinion Articles in Leading Business Publications

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“Emerging Disruptors from The Pandemic”

“Naveen Menon “Blended Learning” | Perspectives”

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