What We Do Really Well

Creative Stories is a strategic communications consultancy based in Singapore serving the APAC region in B2b communications, brand & business strategy, in the most influential business media outlets and TV across the Asia -Pacific – from Myanmar to Australia 

We have a penchant for creating  intelligent stories that underpin the business case of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). With authenticity, we draw out the “responsible” in your business by crafting a fresh narrative that showcases industry efforts which in return also strengthens the value and reputation of your brand.

We cover any issue or industry sector within the B2b corporate sphere across APAC in a highly personal, extremely tailored and very strategic approach to respond to your stakeholders , investors , clients and top-tier media in a way that will rock the traditional boat and let the outdated pebbles fall.

Nothing we do is off-the-shelf

Our thinking is hyper-creative, our brains, hyper-strategic and our pitch, hyper-obsessive.

We are consultants and not a PR agency. We operate as part of your in-house communications team. Close enough to share the DNA, but far enough to help you see the forest from the trees

We believe that it is your institutional brand that is our real client, not your marketing team, nor your CEO.

This means that our north star at all times – is your corporate brand and its reputation. We nurture it, protect it and grow it – for you


Creative Stories Pte Ltd



After heading corporate communications & media relations for South East Asia & India for over 9 years at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, as well as their CSR/SDG sustainability initiatives communications globally, Singapore strategic communications consultancy that serves the APAC region .

A results-driven professional with a uniquely creative approach, she brings a solid cross-industry experience from a public- private think- tank platform to the APAC region, especially for brands that operate within a global framework that can benefit from the cross- culture business acumen.

Clients are mainly in the B2B sector, thought leadership and business sustainability areas from Switzerland to Singapore.

In a nutshell:

Tier one senior business editorial relationships in Asia, Europe & USA

Managed the World Economic Forum’s media strategy for public/private initiatives & CSR Sustainability Communications globally